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How Brands Can Guarantee Brand Safety With Influencer Marketing.

At Influnique we embrace this demand for greater supervision and transparency with how advertisers are working with their brands. The social media channel has always been close to the heart of a brand, but has always presented a resourcing issue when discovering and leveraging the infinite number of brand champions across the multitude of social platforms.

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Social media and its impact on communication.

This may seem very ironic, but most people seem to conform to this way of living without giving it a second thought. One might argue that it simply is because it is socially acceptable, but studies have shown that digital interaction in fact is easier than meeting people face to face and … requires less brain power.

Influnique influencer marketing

The Power of Influencers.

At Influnique, our core mission is to provide brands with as much transparency for an Influencer’s audience, so they might get an accurate picture of the anticipated reach across their social media campaigns. This will enable brands to make the right decision about which influencers and how many of them the appropriate brand needs to use.

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