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Who we are at Influnique

We Are Uniquely

When Influnique was founded in 2016, we saw how the still new and untapped potential micro-influencers could have on the performance marketing mix at the time. So we developed our own proprietary influencer discovery and management platform which we have since evolved to create the foundation and philosophy of Influnqiue today.

Despite our progression and development of our in-house capabilities and digital inventories, we have kept creativity, originality and technology at our core business. We believe creativity and performance are not mutually exclusive. 

A influential publisher

Since our founding, we have rapidly expanded our digital traffic sources into: in-app display, desktop & mobile display, video on-demand, Facebook ads and SEO.  

As we continue to innovate and build our relationships with affiliate networks, agencies and brands, we use the same creative and consultative approach we have always taken with our original content creators. Because of this , we now find ourselves  where creativity and performance intersects to deliver effective, scalable and clean traffic sources.

We stop at nothing

It’s understood that the better you do, the better we do. This is performance marketing after all and we know the only way to survive is to drive serious revenue.

We Love To Explore​

There is a prominent test and learn attitude here which gives us the confidence and ability to trial new approaches and technologies which open new revenue streams to our partners. 

We Take It Step-By-Step

Everyday we are optimizing and listening to our clients’ feedback. We always slow roll any new activity, trial and client to ensure we your requirements and expectations are met.

We Keep It Simple

We offer nothing but full transparency, realistic expectations and step by step approach to begin scaling as soon as possible.

Your Vision. Our Goals

We Believe In focusing on creating the most creative solution for you.

Given our collective backgrounds, experience and combined deep understanding of the digital marketing industry, there is no time to waste. Time is money and this industry offers a unique opportunity to earn money all the time, 365. 

While other publishers are focused on trying to beat the system while trying to earn ill-gotten gains and play against you, we know the system inside and out. We provide above-board and unique solutions to our partners which create new opportunities to drive revenue and access new channels.

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