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We all know the positive impact of referrals and word of mouth

Chances are that you have landed on this page because you are looking for the next generation Influencer, but you are not sure of who they are (yet).

At Influnique we aim to deliver a 360 degree solution for Influencer Marketing. Our proprietary, in-house software and dedicated account management team will help you with the Influencer cycle; from the initial search to the final sale.

Our proprietary technology uses various touch points to establish the type of audience that has interacted with your brand/product. Based on this, we are able identify the perfect Influencer match and get them introduced to your brand/product directly through our platform.

Create a campaign brief and make it visible to thousands of Influencers within minutes.

Our tracking platform allows you real-time visibility on all engagement metrics derived from a campaign; including the sale.

All the above have been carefully designed to make this final, but extremely crucial step easier for you. With our 360-degree technology you will be able to identify things that don’t work for you, allowing you to put time and effort on the things that really do.

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Our platform and service is fully compliant and in line with the International advertising standards governed by; ASA, FTC, GDPR, as well as the general compliance guidelines on all social media channels