Tips on how to keep your creative juices flowing

Do you find yourself to struggle with inspiration? Don’t worry, you are not the only one.

In the modern world we are pushed to our limits, striving for a perfection that is extremely hard to achieve. We are forced to think outside the box daily, to create inspiring posts that will beat the one from yesterday.

When you find yourself stuck, remember one thing. Perfection lies in the eyes of the beholder and will therefore never truly be reached. When you create your next post remember why you started doing this in the first place; to showcase something you very truly proud of and that you believed in!

If you find yourself struggle due to lack of inspiration (which many times comes from the lack of motivation), take a moment to do one of the following:

1. Step outside your office space

Sitting and staring at a screen can be very restraining. Not only does it put pressure on your eyes and head, but it also can limit your creative thought process. Bring your music or a good podcast and take an hour to walk somewhere in the nature (or a calm area if you are far from nature).

 2Take a class

Hobbies are things we don’t give enough time for. It is usually way down the priority list as it isn’t consider a “must” in your daily activities. Some hobbies also cost money which may make it less of prio. You should choose to see hobbies as an investment in yourself, and classes are a great way to do it. Dedicate one day a week to join a language, gardening, arts class .. anything that tickels your fancy! If you are bound to the home try an online class – this works just as well!

3.  Go to a café

Yes this helps! The slightest change of environment can bring so many new thoughts. Aside from sipping on delicious coffee, you will also have a chance to meet some new people!

 4. Join a WeWork

Wework centres are stylish and breathe entrepreneurial success. They offer a multitude of networking and social events throughout the week and – complimentary coffee and alcoholic beverage!

 5. Attend a networking event or an interact offers a great way to keep track on and sign up to local events in your area. The events are hosted by like-minded people and are free most of the time.

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