Influencer Marketing and its Effect on Branding

You may not be surprised to learn that influencer marketing has a direct effect on the growth of a product or brand. Why? Influencers are the face of a product. When you’re an influencer, you don’t only share products, you also share your lifestyle.

You share videos and images of your day-to-day lives, and your followers and community feel as though they know you and can connect to you. It’s like when your friend recommends a product to you…of course you’d be more willing to buy that product versus just reading about it from a stranger on the internet. Let’s dive in a little more to why it is this way.

It’s not the same as an “ad”

While the content is technically sponsored, viewers see it in a different way than a pop-up on the internet or a sponsored advertisement on their news feed. Followers are choosing to follow these influencers, knowing full well that they will be promoting products. Therefore, they see these brands as more of a recommendation rather than an unwanted advertisement.

Organic reach is a thing of the past

In the days where we spent more time in front of a television or walking through the mall than we did behind our phone screens, organic reach was possible. Organic reach allowed brands to stand out and to get the brand name into people’s mouths. However, organic reach doesn’t mean much anymore. What means more now is the face and face behind it…and that’s where trusted influencers come in.

Influencer marketing is better than ever

If you really think about it, influencer marketing isn’t really new. Infomercials featuring celebrities or magazine ads with a celebrity on the page used to be “influencers.” However, with the abundance of technology and social media devoted to following the lives of others, it’s now better than ever. As an influencer, you can now have a stronger and more effective reach to promote successful and efficient branding.

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